snow! nature! friends!

What a beautiful snowy morning here in Brunswick!!

I’m sitting in the science library by a huge window, watching the loveliest powder dust the pines. It’s been a while since it snowed, I think, and campus was starting to look a little muddy / icy / gross.


Snow definitely made for an especially magical Thursday morning walk with the Bowdoin Naturalists! We had the biggest turnout in club history this morning ( > 5 people??)—new semester, new faces! Although it’s snowing, it’s a pretty warm day (over 20 degrees = warm), so our hour-long journey through the Commons, a large forested area at the edge of campus, was such a happy way to start the day.

I love these early-morning adventures, especially since I’m guaranteed 1. random new knowledge about Maine flora & fauna and 2. lots of laughter. Today, we saw numerous squirrel tracks and decided to label a set of prints with “F” and “B” for front and back legs. (I didn’t get a photo of that set specifically, but can you tell which are which in the photo above?)

I feel like it’s mornings like these where I really appreciate being at Bowdoin. It’s so great to be around people who have so much nature knowledge and excitement (today, I learned why beech leaves keep their leaves during the winter!) but also ask a billion questions about things they don’t know.

Feeling super thankful for track-holding snow, fellow nature nerds, and Maine! Nature is amazing!!!

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