a morning at beth’s

One of the great things about going to a small school—especially a small school in Maine—is that sometimes you get to go to your professors’ houses for fun! So yesterday, the Huntington Bird Club and the Naturalists collaborated to make a highly anticipated visit to Beth’s house. (Beth is a lab instructor here at Bowdoin and 20180414_120240.jpgalso one of the sweetest people ever!)

As soon as we got out of our cars, we heard some thunderous barking—none other than Beth’s Great Dane, Nellie. Look at her! She was so big but so friendly, even a little shy at the beginning. And then we met Nellie’s best friend—Beth’s sheep!!!! They were such good friends, and both of them followed us down to the shore of a small lake. Beth’s place was also home to two cats, chickens, and some goats (!!).

By the water, we took out our binoculars to observe some brightly-colored palm warblers, upon which we heard (and saw) some eagles. According to Beth, a mated pair had been nesting on an island right by her house for thirteen years. 20180414_100555.jpgWe could see the nest from the shore, but of course we had to get closer. So, after Beth provided us with some layers on this absurdly cold April day (felt like ~30 degrees), we canoed out on the lake to get a close-up of their nest!! We were freezing, but thankfully Beth provided us with some hot tea once we made it back inside. 20180414_110700.jpgAll in all, it was a great morning adventure!

I’m continually grateful that this school fosters close relationships between students and faculty. I love feeling like I’m still learning outside of the whole school context, so I can really just focus on absorbing new knowledge. Yay for small liberal arts schools!!


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