spring has SPRUNG!

This morning marked the final official Bowdoin Naturalists walk of the 2017-2018 school year—can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly! I’m excited to take on a leadership role this coming fall, but I’m sad to see the seniors go. 20180503_081110Fortunately, I didn’t get to be too sad this morning because it was upwards of 60°, the birds were singing, and new green was springing up everywhere!

Around 8am, we wandered into the Commons, a forested network of trails at the edge of campus. (The last time I was in there, there was snow on the ground!) Everything was beginning to regain its color—new buds decorated the deciduous trees, and ground cover plants were starting to grow. Some exciting finds included a ton of skunk cabbage, a crazy spiderweb, a painted turtle, some pileated woodpecker holes, and several Cool Birds!


Weirdly, my favorite part of the whole adventure was the air itself, though—between the overcast sky and the warm, rain-and-pine scented breeze, I caught such vivid flashbacks to the Pacific Northwest forests I’ve been missing. Two weeks until I go back to familiar birds and trees and landscapes! But I’ve had such a lovely time getting to know Maine, and the Naturalists have definitely been instrumental to my learning of new nature knowledge. So happy this club exists!! As for the early Thursday morning walks, until next year, then! ❤


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