It’s a birding event…it’s a marathon…it’s the 2018 annual Bowdoin Birdathon!! You might ask, what does that mean? Here’s the rundown: two hours, teams of four, birding to WIN!

So yesterday afternoon, on a beautiful, (hot?!) 70° day, five teams assembled outside Druck to compete. Most of us were on bikes, sporting an assortment of binoculars and field guides.

my lovely, all-women team–team name the “titmice,” if you will

When the start time was called, we split up to track down as many bird species as possible within the two-hour time period!


Although my team didn’t win, we managed to travel surprisingly far, making it down to the Androscoggin and back through the neighborhoods close to campus before searching the Commons for more birds. When we reunited with the other four teams, the professors’ team had won, with 39 species in two hours! But the best part was counting up the overall group total—altogether, we had seen 60 species within biking distance of Bowdoin. 20180505_114328How cool is that! So it was a great way to spend the afternoon and a fun reminder that birding doesn’t always have to be alone! Also, getting excited with my team about spotting a good bird was so fun!!

In other news, Katie and I led our second trip yesterday morning—a lovely excursion to Cape Elizabeth, home to a historical lighthouse and several batteries. Under the warm sun, we walked, picnicked, climbed rocks, and PLAYED WITH KATIE’S DOGS!!! What a time! So glad I got to spend that whole beautiful day outside. Maine isn’t so cold after all!


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