I’m BACK!!!!

Hello friends! What a hiatus! It’s been a few months since my last post, but I (hopefully) am back for more consistent content!

It’s weird—when I started this blog, I thought I’d update it pretty frequently. Weekly, maybe? But after college started, I pushed creative writing to the bottom of my priority list. It even became something I avoided; every time I’d see the link in my Instagram bio, I would actively try not to think about how I’d failed myself in undertaking this project. You know how it goes—avoidance leads to more avoidance, and it’s really hard to get back in the swing of things once you’ve convinced yourself something isn’t going to work out. Excuses to myself included “I don’t have time!” and “does anybody Actually Care????”

But even as I start an undoubtedly busier semester, I know I do have time to commit to a small update here and there, especially because I go on a nature walk every Thursday morning! I definitely haven’t been getting outside too much recently (between classes doesn’t count :/) because of all the snow, but tomorrow, I have plans to go birding, so I’ll kick it off from there with new photos and stories!

Also, before I return to my reading about nitrogen pollution, here are a few photos proving that the beauty of this Maine winter (almost) makes up for being away from the lovely Pacific northwest!!


That’s all for now! Here’s to 2018!

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