Hello all!! This is it! I made a blog! Blogging is one of those goals that I’ve kept in the back of my mind for a long time. Now, with school winding down and college anxiety a thing of the past, I figured I’ve run out of excuses.

I still have a lot to sort out, whether it’s big questions—what tone do I want to keep? How often should I write? What kind of content do I want on here?—or finding the right fonts and deciding how to organize my site. (It took me over an hour just to choose a theme, so don’t expect answers to those anytime soon.)

But here are some things I know for sure:

  1. my welcome page photo will change like 7 times
  2. I’ll try to keep things centered around birds / nature, which shouldn’t be too difficult knowing me
  3. I’m hoping to share all sorts of original media on here! including poems, birding logs, and maybe even the occasional singing video—we’ll see!

Which brings me to my most important reason for starting this project / journal / whatever it is: I’m hoping to create a space where I can write, think, and share my ideas unapologetically. I spend too much time overthinking how to word my occasional Facebook posts or wondering if I should delete photos that don’t get x number of likes in the first 10 minutes—you know how it goes.

So more than anything, this is an exercise in self-confidence. I’m going to write what I write because I love putting words on paper, and I’m going to put myself out here on a public blog because what better way to take the plunge? I’m tired of second-guessing myself!

If anything, I also hope to bring a little sunshine into your days—my signature combination of “look at this cool bird!” and “go chase your dreams!” So stay tuned for baby steps into this new chapter of my life! Here’s to self-discovery and happy adventures ❤

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